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Interested in preserving historic spaces? Consider nominating yourself or a Savage neighbor to join the Carroll Baldwin Memorial Institute Board, the “keepers” of our community Baldwin Hall in the center of town. Last year the Hall celebrated its 100th anniversary as a community center for Savage, and we are keen to engage even more of our diverse community in supporting this important part of Savage life. 


This Board of volunteers works together in a number of areas related to use of the Hall, with some focused on activities in the Hall and others on the structure/preservation of the Hall itself. Volunteer Board members help where and how they can, in line with their interests. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. The Board is currently overseeing a variety of important projects, from the ongoing reopening of activities in the Hall after the height of the pandemic to a number of renovations in and outside the Hall itself. The community would benefit from your participation! Please consider joining the team.


Nominations for the Board should be sent to by January 1, 2024. Include your address and a brief sentence or three about why you’d like to join the Board.


If you don't want to be on the Board formally but would still like to support Hall activities, CBMI "general membership" might be for you; for a $35 annual dues, you have the opportunity to attend two general meetings a year.


Of course, if you are simply interested in helping out with projects at the Hall, we love volunteers!


Please reach out to with any questions.

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