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Main Hall

The Main Hall is the primary use area of the building. The 38'x30.5' space features a 22' high barrel-vaulted ceiling. The space has been repainted in historic colors. Rental of this space includes access to a stage with new lighting. A podium with sound system is available if needed. In addition, a sound system with mixer, speakers, and outlets for up to five instruments ensures clear amplification.

A multi-panel folding door connects the Main Hall to the Library. A stairwell leads to the lower level, allowing access to a common-use prep kitchen (microwaves, refrigerator, sink, and counter space; pictured under Conference Room tab) and new bathrooms. In addition, a handicap-accessible bathroom with changing table is located on the upper level.


Maximum Occupancy

Main Hall

Chairs only: 120

Tables and Chairs: 90


Main Hall and Library

Chairs only: 140

Tables and chairs: 100


The newly renovated windows are kept in good repair, and may be opened during mild weather (please turn off the HVAC when doing so).


If the Library is not part of your rental, others may have rented it. If so, they have full right of passage for accessing the stairwell to the lower level. In addition, any person with a disability has full right of passage to access the upper level handicap accessible restroom and the accessible ramp at the stage entry, both adjacent to the Main Hall. If your event cannot support this right of passage, you must also rent the Library.




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