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Call to Musicians: Small Ensembles Concert

The Columbia Band's Small Ensembles Concert will be returning to Carroll Baldwin Hall in Savage, MD, this summer!


The concert will be at 3pm on Sunday, June 11th, and will be free, unticketed, and open to the public.


Performing Ensembles will have twenty (20) minutes of stage time (including time between songs), with approximately five-minute changeover periods between ensembles. The organizers are planning on six to eight (6-8) performing ensembles for this event.


The stage is small, with limited offstage space. Groups will have space downstairs to store cases, but warming up during other performances is not possible due to sound transmission inside the building.


Please use this diagram to plan out how to arrange your ensemble when considering applying. A suggested maximum size for the ensembles is seven participants.


Large furniture-style instruments (e.g. Piano / Keyboard, Marimba, Harp, Drumset) are strongly discouraged due to venue limitations, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Amplified instruments (e.g. Electric Bass, Digital Keyboard) are strongly discouraged due to the acoustic character of the hall.


No compensation is provided to performing ensembles.


All Ensembles must contain at least one active member of Columbia Bands, Inc., or a resident of the Town of Savage.


Setlists are not required to apply; however, they must be finalized and submitted by May 11, 2023, one month in advance of the concert.


To apply to perform, please fill out this Google Form:


Applications will be accepted until slots are filled; however, they will be processed as they are received, so groups that come together quickly are more likely to receive a spot, as well as having more time to prepare.

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