A Productive 2021 and More To Do in 2022

After reopening in Spring 2021, the Hall was busy throughout the rest of the year. The building hosted a number of events, while staff and board members organized activities in the community and coordinated projects to maintain and restore the building. Here's an overview of a busy year, and a preview of 2022!


The Hall was used for 168 events, including:

  • 91 recurring rentals (ex: church services, yoga classes)

  • 49 single event rentals (ex: weddings, parties, memorial services, meetings)

  • 43% to community residents/non-profit organizations

  • 12 community meetings/events

  • 14 theatre rehearsals and performances

  • 2 public volunteer work nights

The Hall's staff and board organized public events in the community:

  • Annual Savage 7K / 1-Mile Historic Walk Fundraiser

Over 130 participants and $4,800+ raised for repairs at the Hall

  • 3 Music on Baldwin Common events

  • 3 Music in Savage Mill events

In Savage Yuletide partnership with Savage Mill

  • 3 Walks

One nature walk in collaboration with Walk Maryland;

2 historic walks as part of Savage Yuletide partnership

Over 600 volunteer hours by community members enabled us to accomplish some important projects:

  • Flagpole light and hardware replacement

  • Sale of old Hall flooring inspired several creative projects

  • Restoration of Hall folding chairs

  • Production of Centennial video


  • Stage and sound upgrades


  • Creation of window drapes


The Hall marks its centennial in 2022!

Stay tuned for what we have planned throughout the year to celebrate 100 years in the heart of Savage!